Etol Group

ETOL Group is one of the leading European manufacturers of flavours and food ingredients. In our early period, we manufactured essential oils, which were the only way of adding aroma to foodstuffs. We then gradually expanded our programme to include fruit and flavour concentrates based on all the varieties of continental fruits to natural extracts of aromatic plants.

All this enabled us to come to know nature, and today our manufacturing programme comprises a very broad spectrum of natural ingredients.It is exactly this breadth of knowledge and almost a century of experience which enable our view on the complex challenges of the food industry and extraordinary creativity when creating new products.

In light of future global economic and social challenges, we will continue to nurture and increase our numerous competitive advantages and opportunities, to exceed the expectations of our business partners.



  • Seasonings for snacks
  • Flavors and spice mixtures for culinary products
  • Spice mixtures and additives for meat products
  • Spice extracts
  • Seasonings for dressings
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Top-notes for savory
  • Flavors for compound feed and premixes
  • Flavors for fish food
  • Pet food flavors (dogs, cats)
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Fruit compounds
  • Fruit concentrates
  • Tobacco castings
  • Tobacco flavors
  • Tobacco flavors for water pipes (Shisha)
  • Flavors and/or fruits for instant drinks
  • Flavors for puddings and creams
  • Flavors and/or fruits ice creams
  • Flavors and/or fruits for fat and sweet fillings
  • Flavors for comprimates
  • Customized final mixes for instant drinks
  • Final mixes for ice cream
  • Granulated powder flavors for tea
  • Granulated fruits powders for confectionery
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Functional and health ingredients for food
  • Tasty plant extracts
  • Health ingredients for dietary supplements
  • GMP active phyto-pharmaceuticals ingredients
  • Pharma extracts
  • Pharma applications
  • Plant and algae-derived ingredients for skin care solutions
  • Liquids and emulsions – health applications
  • Medical food
  • Fruit bases and compounds
  • Flavorings for clear drinks and flavored waters
  • Flavoring emulsions for cloudy drinks
  • Natural herb extracts
  • Natural herb flavors
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Plant extracts
  • Functional compounds
  • Tea related compounds
  • Cloudifiers
  • Natural food colors
  • Juicy coloring foods
  • Flavors for hard and soft boiled candies
  • Flavors for jellies, gummies and liquorice candies
  • Flavors for chewing gum
  • Flavors for fondants and aerated confectionery
  • Flavors for fillings, spreads and toppings
  • Flavors for chocolate products
  • Flavors for other confectionery applications
  • Fruit bases and compounds for fillings
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Tasty plant extracts
  • Fruit pieces & pastes (URC™ technology)
  • Natural food colors
  • Juicy coloring foods
  • Flavors for cakes, patisserie, biscuits and cookies
  • Flavors for bakery fillings and toppings
  • Flavors for cereal and fruit bars
  • Seasonings and pastes for bread
  • High temperature, bake stable flavors
  • Sweet and savory bakestable strudel fillings
  • Non-bakestable muffin and cake fillings
  • Plant extracts and functional ingredients
  • Natural substitutes for food additives
  • Fruit pieces & pastes (URC™ technology)
  • Natural food colors
  • Juicy coloring foods
  • Flavors for milk drinks and ice creams
  • Flavors for yogurts, dairy desserts, ice cream, sorbet and frozen desserts
  • Dairy enhancers for dairy and non-dairy products
  • UHT treatment stable flavors
  • Compounds for stirred yogurt and dairy desserts
  • Compounds for set yogurt
  • Compounds for milk/yogurt drinks
  • Bottom/top layer for yogurt and dairy desserts
  • Ripple sauces for ice cream, sorbet and frozen desserts
  • Semi-confit (fruit pieces) for ice cream, sorbet and frozen desserts
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Natural food colors
  • Juicy coloring foods
  • Functional compounds for sensory and yield improvement
  • Shelf life improvers
  • Plant extracts – Origanox™
  • Starter cultures – Bitec®, ripening agents
  • Clean label offerings
  • Herbs, spices, seasonings, extracts and decorative spices
  • Marinades- dry and oil based
  • Sauces and compounds
  • Curing agents and ripening agents
  • Essences and smoke flavorings


Our quality policy and its achievements testify to the fact that they are healthy, high quality and safe products our standard, which is produced in synergy with the international quality standard ISO 9001 and sustainable ecological development. Because we know, that better tomorrow for all of us, starts with today’s environmental concerns, we also constantly  ensure compliance with the environmental standard ISO 14001. In our organizational culture, we actively concern for the social needs of the regional and global environment.